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What are the benefits of a Central Vacuum System?

~ Cleaner Air 
~ Reduced Allergies
~ Powerful Deep Cleaning
~ Minimal Vacuum Noise, due to the motor being stationary in the garage/basement. 
~Super easy to use

What can you control while away from home? 

With the Home Automation System on any smart phone or tablet you can control your lights, cameras, security system, thermostat,  ect. 
What are the Benefits of a Security System?

~ Home Security Systems are great for home protection and they  leave you with peace of mind when you are away.
~ With a monitored Security System you can get a discount on certain  Homeowners Insurance.
~ A Security System also increases your Homes Resale value.

How does Security  Monitoring work?

~ When an alarm is triggered it notifies the occupants also sends signals to the monitoring center where operators are available 24/7.
~ The center then calls your  home or business to determine if it was accidental or not, in which case you are required to give a  password . 
~ If there is no answer or the password is incorrect the center will notify local authorities of a possible break in. 
~If your system triggers a panic alarm or smoke detector alarm then local authorities will be contacted first, whether it be the police, fire department or paramedics. 
What are the benefits of a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Due to Carbon Monoxide being an odorless and colorless gas you need a special detector for it that will detect unsafe levels of carbon monoxide before the home owner experiences any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.  
Some Causes of Carbon Monoxide are:
Improperly vented appliances, car running in the garage, gas burning fireplace, gas oven or dryer, gas or oil furnace.